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Energy and Mining Training Solutions (Hydraskills) provides on-site training in hydraulics and pneumatics systems and components.

Our experienced trainers deliver practical training to all levels of staff and management in a relaxed environment. Training is industry taylored to ensure relevant and fundamental information.

Hydraskills recognises the need for skills training to increase operational efficiencies and focuses on the following areas:

  • Safety and pressurised systems (shut downs)
  • Introduction to hydraulic fundamentals
  • Accumulator maintenance and servicing (AS1210)
  • How systems function
  • Technical and data interpretation
  • Fault diagnosis (cause and effect)
  • Hydraulic troubleshooting
  • Predictive preventative maintenance (PPM)
  • Pressure vessel rules and regulations
  • Root cause analysis as applied to hydraulic systems (RCA)
  • Hydraulic hose assembly and testing
  • Recognition of current competencies (RCC)
  • National accreditation
  • Customised training program design and delivery
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